About Us

Since 1996, TI.EMME.TI SRL operates in the field of small electrical appliances, in particular irons and steam cleaning systems. Originally born as a small workshop, specialized in the finishing and assembling of monotubes, nowadays TI.EMME.TI produces monotubes and tubes for ironing systems, steam accessories, extruded hoses, profiles and technical items made in rubber and silicone. Thanks to the deep knowledge of raw materials and braiding techniquesdeveloped during the years, we’ve been able to expand our business with the production of multipolar textile cables for lighting industry. Our textile cables are realized only with top class standard raw materials and produced by market leaders certified italian companies.

TI.EMME.TI owns two manufacturing unities: one, the headquarter of the company, is located in Melzo (MI), where the silicone extrusion line, the finishing and crimping dept and the Quality Control area and laboratory are placed; the other one is near Bergamo, where there is the EPDM extrusion line and the braiding department (almost 60 braiding machines).  The entire production area consists of 4000 sqm. The staff is composed by about 30 people.

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